Paper Flowers

3 Types of Paper That Will Make Your Paper Flower Stand Out

Hello, and welcome to Paper Posh! I am excited to introduce to you the exciting world of paper flower creation. 

I first found out about paper flowers while making a cake for a dear friend of mine.  I wanted to make something with rice paper, so I started to research various types of cakes you can make with rice paper. While searching, I stumbled upon a tutorial for making a rice paper flower. I have been hooked ever since.    

I am amazed with all the myriad of paper types and paper flower methods.  To get you started, I want to highlight a few of the fundamental paper types you can use to get started making your very own paper flower.  You may have just stepped into the paper flower world and begun to scratch the surface. Hopefully you will be able to use these templates and tutorials here to get started.

Patterned Paper

Some of the first flowers I made were from old wallpaper books I obtained for free. Patterned paper, commonly known as scrapbook paper, can be found in all craft stores, and most anywhere paper is sold. I enjoy using paper with a weight of at least 60 gpm.  The petals hold up better, especially when making large paper flowers. There are some great patterns out there for lighter weight papers, so keep your eyes open. There is a wide variety of designs out there that can help you know what type of flower you want to make. Using patterned paper can give a pop to your flower, adding zest that plain colored paper can’t sometimes. 

Crepe Paper

Crepe paper can be used in a variety of ways, like wedding decor, pom-poms, and butterflies!

Described by Jennifer Maker, a designer and paper craft lover, crepe paper is defined as “several creased layers of tissue paper glued together.” Party streamers are an inexpensive option you can obtain from the dollar store and can be used for small flowers up to the width of the streamer.  Try making some smaller flowers with streamers before moving on to the more expensive mediums.

Crepe Paper comes in three different weights, 48 gsm – 140%, 32 gsm – 60%, and metallic crepe paper 80 gsm – 95%.  I enjoy the lighter weight crepe as it most closely resembles a real flower petal.  Based on what you are making with the paper, use the weight that works best for your project.  

Rice Paper

The last paper I will be talking about today is  rice paper. It is commonly used in origami, and it is indeed edible. Sometimes people make rice paper flowers and add them to cakes because of this reason. It is often translucent, and because of the plant fibers, it is a very durable, yet flexible paper. You can buy rice paper in a pack much like regular copy paper.  As long the rice paper is dry, it keeps well.