DIY Crepe Paper Flower Ranunculus

It is fall and we are knee deep in leaves and pumpkins.  I don’t know about you, but almost as soon as the season has begun, I’m already thinking of spring, my favorite time of year.  One of my favorite flowers is the Ranunculus. These flowers take me back to my childhood, walking the lane towards the little town we lived near:  the green grass, buzzing bees, and butter cups peeking out from the edges of the road all caught my eye. I love butter cups because my aunt Ruthie would pick one and stick it under my chin and say, “Let’s see if you like butter”.  If the reflection showed yellow under my chin, she would pronounce that I indeed liked butter, and we would continue on. She had me dreaming of warm bread with thick creamy butter on top. Ever after, I’ve been interested in butter cups and the genus they come from, Ranunculus.  The flower has over 500 species and symbolize neatness, humility, and childishness.  One of my favorite varieties is the white and pink varieties because of their romantic appearance.

The flower is a perennial, and blooms in April and May.  It is best to plant them in fall, October through November.  They prefer mild winter weather and a long cool spring. However, if you would rather spend these cooler months indoors, you can still prepare for spring by making your own lovely paper Ranunculus.  Made from crepe paper, they are almost as soft and delicate as the fresh flower, plus they will never wilt and die. You can make them in almost any color to match your décor, or for a wedding bouquet.

Supplies Needed

60 Gram Crepe Paper (or color of choice, Or)  Italian Crepe Paper 205 – Light Pink, 201 Camelia Pink 264 musk green

20mm (.79 inch) Craft Foam Balls , Spun Cotton Watte,  or make your own from cotton balls.

20-gauge floral wire

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Wire Cutter

Heavyweight card stock for template

Floral tape


How To

1) Ranunculus flower Template (download here) 

2) Cut

3) Prepare the Petals

·         Gently stretch and cup each petal gently with your fingers at the base of the petal to bow the petal. Your petal should look curved in the middle. 

·         Stretch and scrunch the dark green leaves

4) Floral Wire and center Styrofoam, forms the base of the flower

·         Punch a hole halfway into the Styrofoam ball, with the wire stem.

·         Remove and apply hot glue to the end of the wire

·         Reinsert the wire into the Styrofoam ball.  Wait for the glue to dry, 30 seconds

·         Cut a 4” x 4” square of musk green crepe paper

·         Gently stretch the middle of the crepe paper square and place onto the Styrofoam ball

·         Wrap the musk green crepe paper around the ball and fasten the ends around the floral wire with floral tape.  Cut away any excess crepe paper with scissors. 

·         Wrap the floral tape around the floral wire.

·         Continue to wrap floral tape the length of the floral wire

·         Cut the stem with wire cutters to an 8-inch length

4) Glue

·         Run a line of hot glue on to the bottom of a musk green petal

·         Attach the petal on to the ball center

·         Hold firmly in place as the hot glue dries.  Be careful not to burn your fingers.

·         Continue gluing and placing the remaining cupped green petals clockwise on to the Styrofoam ball

5) Secure the Petals

·         Continue to glue the Camelia pink petals clockwise around the flower head with hot glue.

·         Continue to glue the Light pink petals over the petals

·         Bend and stretch the petals on the outer edges of the flower to add dimension and realism

6) Add Sepals to the bottom of the Crepe Paper Ranunculus

Glue the sepals to the bottom of the crepe paper Ranunculus head with hot glue

Create these gorgeous flowers for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers or other types of parties. Or make an arrangement as a gift!

You can also make table arrangements and bridal bouquet! Add live or dried eucalyptus leaves or baby’s breath to add realism to your design.