DIY Crepe Paper Flower Poppy

The Poppy reminds me of far away exotic places.  I was first introduced to Poppies while traveling through California in the 1970s on a road trip.  The beautiful orange hue could be seen for miles and miles alongside the freeway. In those days, the flower grew abundantly and we were able to pick a few for a little vase.  Times have changed, and I no longer have the desire to pick them, but I do long for their beauty of these to grace the kitchen or dining table.

My love for these flowers has grown to include the Oriental Poppy, with their ruffled petals, beautiful fringed centers, and a myriad of colors.  I love to imagine all the places these beauties could go. From centerpieces, decorative walls, and natural decor, the poppy is one that looks great almost anywhere. Follow along below to make your very own!

Supplies Needed

60 Gram Crepe Paper Italian Crepe Paper 205 – Light Pink, 201 Camelia Pink 264 musk green

20mm (.79 inch) Craft Foam Balls , Spun Cotton Watte,  or make your own from cotton balls.

20-gauge floral wire

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Wire Cutter

Heavyweight card stock for template

Floral tape

White glue

Pipe cleaner

12” Inch metal ruler


1) Poppy flower Template (download here) 

2) Cut

3) Form the center of the flower

·         Create a length of crepe paper for stamens, using the enclosed instructions. Cut tiny lines along the length from one end to the other

·         Curl the edges to create realism. 

·         Twist a twelve-inch length of floral tape between your fingers to create a rope like length

·         Wrap bath tissue or cotton around the tip of a floral wire.  Wrap the end with light yellow green floral tape.

·         Wrap the floral tape length over the flower bath tissue flower center, criss-crossing to create the look of the center of a poppy

·         Wrap this ‘stamen’ length around the newly created flower center, using hot glue to secure

4) Prepare the Petals

·         Cut two flower petals using the template provided

·         Color the edges with color of choice

·         Cut another flower center petal and color the inside base streaked

·         Cut the last petal and streak with color

·         Roll crimp and twist the petals to make them look like crumpled poppy

·         Glue the bottom edge with white glue.  Twist the bottom edge together

o   There should be four petals, total

·         Hot glue the petals to the flower stem at the base of the flower

·         Wrap the stem from the base to the end with green floral tape 

·         Set aside

5) Create Leaves

·         Create leaves as instructed in the video.  Use the template as a guide for length and width.

·         Attach the green crepe to a floral wire and cut into a leaf shape as shown.

4) Make the Poppy buds

·         Wrap another piece of bath tissue on the end of a floral wire

·         Wrap with green/yellow floral tape

·         Wrap the entire stem with the floral tape and shape the bud to look bent over

·         Cut fuzz away from a pipe cleaner

·         Apply glue to the “poppy bud”

·         Stick the fuzz to the bud and stem (it’s a sticky mess, but looks great)

5) Secure the Petals

·         Apply clear glue to the flower stem

·         Attach the leaves and bud to the flower in an alternating pattern

·         Arrange the flowers in a small vase, or arrange in a flower box to give away