Paper Flowers

My Paper Flower Inspiration

One of the most wonderful things about creating paper flowers is that you can make them from almost any paper, from very small intricate blossoms to fantasy sizes as tall as a human. 

When I started making paper flowers, I fell in love with how people responded to the finished product.  Since fresh flowers die quickly, can cause allergic reactions, and sometimes aren’t even allowed at work, creating our own bouquet brightens our day and spreads beauty and friendship to those who venture into its space. 

I love flowers because of their:

  • Beautiful shape
  • Varied colors
  • Fragrance
  • Genuine happiness they provide
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • The way they change the mood of a room
  • Ability to show that we care

Join me in learning how to create tiny flowers, to leave for your waitress, or large fantasy flowers for a baby shower or wedding backdrops.

Here I have some flowers available to you! Check it out!