We are drawn to the beauty of flowers for all the obvious reasons, from the emotions they evoke in us to the way they draw us closer to each other.  But have you thought why it is that YOU love flowers?

Recently I spent a number of hours going through a the “liked” section of my Instagram account.  I am amazed how many flower pictures I had in the file.  There are literally thousands.  So I started to ask myself, why I did I “like” all these pictures?

With these pictures, they make me happy for sure.  I suppose that is the first reaction, but I want to know the deeper reason, so I started studying color and asking myself why I liked some flower colors over others and even certain varieties of flowers over others.

Flowers tell a story, but I think it is a unique and personal story for each person.  As for me, I feel drawn to the color blue, because it brings me the feeling of calm and serenity.  I was shocked to realize that blue pigments don’t exist in nature.  I’ve always loved the fantasy aspect of blue because the color doesn’t occur naturally.   Different the combination of pigments and light wavelengths and plan minerals can combine to create the blue that some people see.  It is very difficult to breed a true “blue” flower, so people use dye to artificially created the color in plants.  When I see blue flowers, I always think of dreams, goals, and life aspirations, and when I see it in flowers the world feels almost perfect.

Right now, I use blue in some of my flower to create a sense of wonder, expectation, and innovation I expect in the future.  Maybe that is why so many companies use blue in advertising.  It feels so dependable and trustworthy.

I’m inspired by the family of artists and photographers, and creators who create things every day that bring joy and harmony to my life.  Join me in and creating flowers that will bring joy and happiness to others.  Go out there and explore the colors.  Create something beautiful today!

Here is my finalized version of my blue rose project!


  • I set all my supplies out for creating my little blue rose.
  • Individually cut all the petals, which sets the main work for the design.
  • Used white paper and cotton to create the bud
  • I wrapped pips around the stem and progressively wrapped more until reaching about 20 pips.
  • After, I wrapped the crepe paper petals around the pips and bud to until 5 petals were around the flower.
  • The edges were frayed for the rose to look more like a part of nature.
  • Tape was wrapped around the floral wire for comfort in holding.
  • Finally, additional leaves were made and attached to the wire using glue.

Gather Materials:

  • Crepe Paper
    • Ombre Blue 80gm Crepe
    • White 80 gm Crepe
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Pips – White (for stamens)
  • Floral Tape – White
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • Hot Glue Tool

Cut Petals

  • Cut 5-6 flower petals accordian fold, from template (aprox 2”)
  • Cut 3” square from white single ply crepe


  1. Wrap 3” white crepe square around cotton ball
  2. Secure to floral wire and wrap with white floral tape
  3. Fold pips and secure with hot glue, evenly around wrapped flower center
  4. Cup and stretch petals to create a more realistic petal appearance
  5. Evenly wrap each petal to flower center, and secure with hot glue
  6. Cut notches as needed, in each petal
  7. Work the flower petals, stretching and cupping, until desired look is achieved
  8. Wrap stem with white floral tape to the desired stem length


Use different colored crepe paper, pips, alcohol inks, crayons, chalk, colored pens, or paints to create different versions of this flower.  Let your imagination be your guide.